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Myths and Facts of Dental Implants

March 22nd, 2019

While dental implants in Mclean are not a new procedure, their popularity has increased in recent years. Perhaps it has to do with the rise of social media, but regardless, dental implants are a great way to restore your oral health while also improving your natural smile. But what exactly is a dental implant? It’s a post made of medical-grade titanium that basically functions as a root for your new tooth. The crown, which is the part of the tooth you can see, sits on top of the post. This component is usually made of porcelain, which is strong enough to withstand biting into an apple or an ear of corn. For extra strength, the post and the crown are held together by the abutment. There are a lot of myths surrounding dental implants which can hold potential patients backs, but we’re putting an end to them once and for all!

1. Surgery is invasive and painful

The most common myth about dental implants in Mclean is that the surgical procedure is invasive and painful. While having dental implants put in is not a comfortable experience, modern technology has drastically minimized the overall pain level. On average, the procedure for dental implants takes about an hour and patients can be placed under local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation.

2. Recovery takes too long

While patients fully recover in a few days from the surgical component of dental implants, the titanium post does require time to bond with the surrounding jaw and gum. Depending on the patient, this can take between 3 to 6 months, but this is not unreasonably long considering how little your day-to-day life is affected. There is typically no discomfort felt during this period.

3. Caring for implants is a hassle

Contrary to popular belief, dental implants in Mclean do not require much upkeep. Just like your other teeth, they need to be brushed and flossed twice a day. But, unlike the rest of your teeth, you don’t have to worry about cavities or tooth decay! Honestly, it doesn’t get easier than that.

4. Implants are not worth the price

Dental implants do have a higher initial cost than other dental procedures, but that’s because they last much longer. While bridges, another popular way to replace missing teeth, have a lower cost than dental implants, they only last between 7 to 15 years. Which means, you’ll have to spend more money eventually. Dental implants in Mclean do not have to be replaced as often, and depending on your dental benefits, might not be as expensive as expected.

5. Dental implants look fake

The crown portion of dental implants are completely customizable. From color to shape, you can work with your dentist to match your dental implants in Mclean to the rest of your teeth. The end result is implants that look like the rest of your real teeth! People who knew what your smile previously looked like will be able to see a difference, but strangers won’t be able to notice unless you tell them.

A Pediatric Dentist Can Treat Complex Oral Health Problems

March 21st, 2019

What’s more precious than a child’s smile? Especially when that smile is healthy. Oral hygiene is one of the most important factors regarding a young child’s overall health, because a clean and clear oral cavity prevents several germs from entering the body. Because children’s teeth are more sensitive than adults, they require more frequent visits to a pediatric dentist. Not only can a pediatric dentist help with plaque and tartar control, but they can also treat complex oral health problems such as:

1. Tooth Rot

Tooth rot refers to a permanently damaged area on the surface of your child’s tooth, and occurs when a cavity goes untreated. Signs of a rotten tooth include toothache, sensitivity, discolored spots on the tooth, bad breath, and more. The only way to treat severe tooth decay is by completely removing the tooth from your child’s mouth. Prior to the treatment, the dental team will desensitize the part of the mouth that is going to be worked on, and give your child a sedative drug so they do not feel any pain. The decayed parts of the tooth are removed using a dental drill or bore, and a dental filling or crown is used to fill in the holes. If the rot continues to advance than a root canal is required.

2. Extractions

Another option for treating a contaminated or infected tooth is by removing it completely. This option is completely dependent on how severe the tooth has rotted and the soundness of the roots. Often, a pediatric dentist will only recommend this option for three reasons: if the tooth is decayed so badly that a root canal cannot save it, if the tooth is crowding the mouth, or if it is fractured beyond repair. The procedure can be a simple as numbing the area with local anesthetic and gently extracting the tooth; however, if the tooth is impacted it requires a more-complex operation in which the surrounding gum tissue must be removed as well.

3. Dental Holdings

If your child has split, broken, or chipped their tooth, rinse your child’s mouth with warm water and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. If possible, locate and save the tooth fragment as it can be reapplied. Then, take your child to their pediatric dentist as quickly as possible to prevent infection and further injury from occurring. If the tooth has a jagged edge, it can cause a great deal of irritation and even cut your child’s mouth or tongue. The dentist will smooth the edge and fill in the part that chipped off. Dental holdings can be applied and solidified decently fast within in one visit. If your child’s tooth is completely knocked out, it can be re-implanted if done very quickly. To ensure the broken tooth stays together, the dentist may need to put a crown over it, which is also a cost-effective method.

Regular visits to the pediatric dentist can help your child avoid dental emergencies, but there are also a few ways you can prevent them from happening on a daily basis. Child-proofing your house prevents children from falling as well as making them wear a mouthguard when playing contact sports. We also recommend not allowing your child to chew on hard foods, like ice, popcorn kernels, or objects.

Tips for Choosing the Best Dentist

March 20th, 2019

If you haven’t seen a dentist for a while, then it’s probably time. Bleeding gums, toothache, yellowing and staining are just a few of the signs that you and your dentist need to connect. If one of the reasons that you have been putting it off is because you haven’t found the right dentist, then here are some tips to help you choose the best dentist in McLean, VA. It’s easier than you think.

Ask for recommendations

The most obvious tip is to talk to your friends to find out what they looked for when they chose their dentist, and which dentist they would recommend today. Now that you are looking, you want the best dentist in McLean, VA because you want a dentist who will be with you and your family for a long time. If your friends recommend a dentist, find out why they like that dentist and if they are happy with their care. Once you have a few recommendations then visit several dentists, in person and on their websites to see how they make you feel.

Look for one who is accessible

Choose a dentist who is accessible to you in terms of distance and availability. People often put off making that appointment despite knowing how important it is to maintain good oral health, so make it easier by choosing a dentist who is easy to get an appointment with. The commute shouldn’t be difficult, nor should the appointment scheduling be.

Check out the office

Once you have found a dentist you think you will like, look at the office. Is it clean and orderly and are the staff friendly and welcoming? They should not have to hunt for your records beforehand and should place them safely at the end of your visit.

Can you afford them?

One of the biggest concerns should be about costs, billings and insurance. Will your insurance cover all or just part of the visit? Before you start looking for the best dentist in McLean, VA talk to your insurance company to find out what is and is not covered by them. Don’t assume that because you have dental coverage that it is complete coverage. Another consideration should be how the dentist’s office handles the billing. The office should be upfront in explaining the costs and how they will be handled.

A focus on prevention

Finally, in your initial visit to the dentist, did you feel that they cared about your teeth? The best dentist in McLean, VA will do more than fix problems that have already occurred. A good dentist believes in the importance of tooth and gum care and will remind you of the importance of flossing daily, and of regular brushing at least twice per day. Preventing problems is much better than fixing them later since small problems with your teeth and gums can become much bigger problems. Choose a dentist who takes the time to explain why oral health is important to your overall health and will work with you so that you remain healthy. The best dentist in McLean, VA cares about your smile.

Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety with Nitrous Oxide Sedation

January 24th, 2019

If you avoid going to the dentist, it’s probably because you suffer from anxiety. Let’s face it, no one likes going to the dentist. With the drills, lights and huge needles it makes sense you’re a little concerned. As well, sitting with your mouth open for a long time doesn’t make the situation any better. Therefore, today we want to share with you a way you can avoid anxiety when you get dental work with nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA.

If you suffer from anxiety when you go to the dentist, nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA might be a blessing. Sedation in dentistry is becoming an immensely popular way to put dental patients at ease. In fact, nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry since the 19th century.

If you don’t know a lot about oxide sedation in McLean VA or if you have no idea if it’s right for you, we’ll look at details of this type of sedation. We’re hoping this will help answer your questions, so you can make an informed decision about whether this dentistry sedation will help you.

Details About Nitrous Oxide Sedation in McLean VA

There are various levels of sedation. For example, with minimal sedation you’re awake, but you feel relaxed. It you’ve never heard of nitrous oxide sedation more than likely you’ve heard of laughing gas; and they are the same thing. Other sedation options are oral sedation, which puts you in a dream like state (you might even fall asleep); and anesthesia which puts you to sleep.

How Nitrous Oxide Sedation is Administered

When you go to the dentist and nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA is used, a mask similar to an oxygen mask is placed over your nose. The nitrous oxide is then pumped through the mask into your nose and almost instantly you’ll feel relaxed.

Once the mask is removed the nitrous leaves your system immediately. Thus, there are no side effects when you have nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA.

Other Uses of Nitrous Oxide Sedation in McLean VA

Along with relieving anxiety about going to the dentist it has other purposes for patients such as:

• Going through several treatments at the same time.

• Sensitive gag reflex.

• Trouble sitting in a dentistry chair for an entire treatment such as dental cleaning.

• Young children who are unable to sit still.

Safety of Nitrous Oxide Sedation

When you get nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA you have nothing to worry about. Your dentist will watch you during your treatment. He or she will be with you the entire time. Your dental office will also research your medical and dental history before offering you this kind of sedation.
As you can see nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA is a safe, painless, and can even take away all your concerns about going to the dentist. Dental health is just as important as your physical and mental health, so you should never neglect your teeth and smile.

If you want to say goodbye to dental anxiety with nitrous oxide sedation in McLean VA we can help. At McLean Healthy Smiles we care about your comfort as much as we care about your smile. To find out more or to book an appointment you can visit our website.