Tooth Restoration in McLean, VA

Crowns are a type of restorative treatment used to help a tooth function at its optimum level. Crowns help preserve the integrity of the tooth. When used to encase the tooth that was severely decayed or damaged, it helps protect the tooth from further decay. In case of a crack, it encapsulates the tooth, acting as a splint, protecting from the wedging action created by the crack, and protecting from further decay and helps prevent the progression of the crack. Dental crowns have the ability to restore the tooth or replace a missing tooth to its natural position, thereby helping to maintain function, aesthetics, and chewing ability, and not alter the speech.

In addition to teeth that are damaged due to decay or trauma, a tooth that has undergone a root canal will also require a crown to protect the tooth and prevent it from fracturing. Root canal treatment is incomplete without the crown, because tooth is still prone to reinfection and highly susceptible to fracture. Severely discolored teeth can also benefit from the crowns.

Crown treatment at our McLean, VA dental office consists of two appointments. During your initial consultation, Dr. Colospate will take diagnostic records, provide a diagnosis, and explain your treatment plan and various options. We will also take an impression of the tooth that needs a crown and the teeth surrounding it. This impression is sent to our lab, where your crown will be customized to fit perfectly with the rest of your natural teeth. You will return to our office where Dr. Colospate will permanently place your crown, and ensure that it looks beautiful and functions properly.

Why choose Dr. Colospate for your crown?

Our crowns are different, because we don’t treat just one tooth. Whether it is a single crown, multiple crowns, or an implant crown, we do a comprehensive evaluation and extensive treatment planning. We use necessary diagnostic tools (digital scans, X-rays, diagnostic models, wax up, and photographs) to create a final restoration that is in harmony with the rest of the teeth. Our crowns are truly custom made—it’s not one size fits all. The level of detail we put into our crowns leads to comfortable, esthetically pleasing, long-lasting restorations.

Crowns help restore balance, harmony, form, and function. To find out if crown treatment is right for your smile, contact our McLean, VA dental office and schedule an appointment with Dr. Colospate.