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"Dr. Colospate is a personable, consummate professional dentist. Her knowledge and practice is top notch and up to date. Her treatment plans are conservative, with emphasis on preventative care. Her staff is well trained and very courteous. If you're seeking excellent care, I highly recommend Dr. Vidya Colospate." - Charles
"Thirty years ago, I had my front teeth knocked out in Dublin Airport (long story). Recently, the time came to replace the crowns. Dr. Colospate went above and beyond to be sure we got a perfect color match, since I have a big smile and those teeth are front and center. The first crowns that came from the lab were okay, but not perfect -- the slightest bit off. I wasn't aware that there was an option, but Dr. Colospate encouraged me not to "settle." It meant extra appointments for her, but she wasn't satisfied until I was. An excellent experience!" - Anne

“I was in a bind with my special-needs son who attends school out of state: his retainers had both cracked and he was home for spring break and needed replacements quickly. His long-time dentist in Herndon had closed their office and I could not get the molds from them to make new retainers. I found Dr. Colospate in the dentist list from the ARC of Northern Virginia and called to explain the situation and that we had only a few days to get this done before he returned to his school. I also explained that his would be a challenging visit for my son AND them -- any medical or dental visits are very difficult for my him. They scheduled an appointment quickly, met me and my son (21 years old), learned on the fly how to best handle him, made the molds and we got the retainers with one day to spare ... or so we thought. The upper retainer did not fit, so another mold was made and they pushed the lab to rush the making of the new retainer. Dr. Colospate personally drove to the lab on a late Friday afternoon in Rockville to pick it up, called on her cell phone that she was on her way, and had us come in after office hours Friday evening to check the fit ... perfect! Totally awesome experience -- I mean really!!!! -- and my son has new dentist friends!!!" - Dennis
“Great office and excellent staff! I highly recommend Dr. Colospate. She is extremely talented, knowledgeable and has great chair-side manner. She is very good at explaining what she is going to do before she does it and best of all, she is very gentle. Her commitment to patient care is evident and every experience has always been a positive one.”- Jennifer
“Dr. Colospate's office is top notch. They are thorough and efficient, they see me at the appointed time and I always feel I receive the best possible care. But more impressive is how she handled a recent dental emergency. Late on a Friday evening I broke my front tooth (rehash of an injury 25 years ago). I called Dr. Colospate after hours number and explained the situation and that I had an 8am flight the next morning that I could not reschedule. She met me at her office and temporarily reattached the tooth. When I got back to town she explained my options and the process to permanently fix the issue. Dr. Colospate meticulously executed and coordinated with specialists throughout the implant process and the result was a perfect replacement tooth. Really, it is indistinguishable from the others. I highly recommend Dr. Colospate and her team!”- Douglas
"I recently had a great deal of dental work completed by Dr. Colospate and her wonderful staff. I am the kind of dental patient who actually will ask the dental assistant to hold my hand during a procedure... I am that phobic about going to the dentist. I had a cracked tooth that was giving me a lot of trouble and after waiting for over a year I finally asked Dr Colospate to look at it. The tooth had cracked all the way into the root and could not be saved. . Dr Colospate was present for each of my consults with specialists to discuss and finalize the treatment plan. Throughout, Dr Colospate was kind and understanding with me and made sure I was never in any pain and that I understood what she was going to do. I am delighted with all of Dr. Colospate's work. In addition to dental implants I also needed caps on two of my upper teeth.She did an excellent job of making sure the implant crowns were the right color and that they fit precisely with my new caps and that my bite was perfect. Not an easy thing to do. Her entire staff was warm and welcoming and let me sit in the waiting room for an extra few seconds till I felt comfortable (got my nerve up) so I could walk into the chair. As someone who dreaded the dentist, it got to be a "time thing" for me not a "pain thing." At the end of it, I began to realize and accept that I was not going to be in any pain when Dr. Colospate worked on me and that all I had to do was sit there. I also can't say enough about her extremely professional and friendly staff. Her dental hygienist is fantastic and I am always recommending her to family and friends who say they need a tooth cleaning." - Eileen