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Our teeth affect our entire body. Many people don’t realize this, but headaches, neck pain and facial pain are often the results of poor dental hygiene. If you don’t take care of your teeth, this can lead to problems later in life. One of those health issues is TMJ and TMJ related disorders (TMD). These are unpleasant and painful and can decrease your quality of life. Treating TMJ and TMJ issues and TMD pain in McLean is as easy as making a dentist appointment. McLean Healthy Smiles specializes in treatment for TMJ and TMD issues and has all the information you need to start the recovery process.

What is TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joints. TMD stands for temporomandibular disorder. The temporomandibular joints connect your jawbone to your skull beneath your ears. They get used thoroughly throughout the day when eating, speaking, yawning and swallowing. Pain around this area can be uncomfortable and restrict movement. Take care to follow steps to prevent TMJ issues and TMJ related disorders.


There are many symptoms of TMD that may include but are not limited to:

  1. Pain in the jaw caused from clenching or grinding teeth
  2. Pain, ringing or stuffiness in the ears
  3. Headaches and neck aches
  4. Clicking or popping in the jaw when you talk or chew
  5. Swelling on sides of face
  6. Muscle spasms in the jaw area
  7. Change of alignment of top and bottom teeth
  8. Lock jaw

If you notice these symptoms, call a doctor and take proactive steps to change habits. Some things consider changing include:

  • Keep you face relaxed
  • Don’t grind your teeth or consistently chew gum
  • Chew food evenly
  • Practice good posture
  • Don’t rest your chin in your hands

Making these changes can reduce the symptoms or eliminate them entirely. However, if you are still uncomfortable or in pain, it is time to see a medical professional for treatment. Consider calling a dentist. Talk to Doctor Vidya Colospate at McLean Healthy Smiles for more information on treatment.

When to Treat TMJ pain and TMD issues in McLean

Treatment in McLean is as easy as making a dentist appointment. If you have experienced any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with your doctor or dentist. They can direct you in treatment. These symptoms can inhibit your quality of life and lead to larger problems in the future.

Doctor Vidya Colospate of McLean Healthy Smiles has years of experience with TMJ and TMJ related disorders. She can help treat TMJ and TMD in McLean and get you an effective treatment plan.

There is significant interrelationship between TMJ and the muscles of mastication and the teeth. Dr. Colospate evaluates all these three components: TMJ evaluation, muscle palpation and occlusal analysis (bite), and then recommends treatment to help alleviate symptoms to provide immediate relief and also any treatment for the long-term to help prevent recurrence.

Taking the time for self-care and being aware of things like posture and jaw clenching will help prevent further damage from TMD.

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