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 6845 Elm Street #500, McLean, VA 22101 | Mon. - Thurs. 7am - 5pm / Fri. 11am- 3pm

Hands down the best dentist that I have ever been to. Dr. Colospate is gentle, I had absolutely no pain including the shot. I am one of the people who have a “dental phobia” but every single person in this office is so kind and supportive that it takes away my fear. I can’t recommend them enough!

Dr. Colospate is a personable, consummate professional dentist. Her knowledge and practice is top notch and up to date. Her treatment plans are conservative, with emphasis on preventative care. Her staff is well trained and very courteous. If you’re seeking excellent care, I highly recommend Dr. Vidya Colospate.

Thirty years ago, I had my front teeth knocked out in Dublin Airport (long story). Recently, the time came to replace the crowns. Dr. Colospate went above and beyond to be sure we got a perfect color match, since I have a big smile and those teeth are front and center.

Great office and excellent staff! I highly recommend Dr. Colospate. She is extremely talented, knowledgeable and has great chair-side manner. She is very good at explaining what she is going to do before she does it and best of all, she is very gentle. Her commitment to patient care is evident and every experience has always been a positive one.

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