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While dental implants in Mclean are not a new procedure, their popularity has increased in recent years. Perhaps it has to do with the rise of social media, but regardless, dental implants are a great way to restore your oral health while also improving your natural smile. But what exactly is a dental implant? It’s a post made of medical-grade titanium that basically functions as a root for your new tooth. The dental crown, which is the part of the tooth you can see, sits on top of the post. This component is usually made of porcelain, which is strong enough to withstand biting into an apple or an ear of corn. For extra strength, the post and the crown are held together by the abutment. There are a lot of myths surrounding dental implants which can hold potential patients backs, but we’re putting an end to them once and for all!

1. Surgery is invasive and painful

If you find yourself searching Google for, “dental implants mclean va,” you may run across some common myths about dental implants. One of the most common myths we hear is that the surgical procedure is invasive and painful. While having dental implants put in is not a comfortable experience, modern technology has drastically minimized the overall pain level. On average, the procedure for dental implants takes about an hour and patients can be placed under local anesthesia and nitrous oxide sedation.

2. Recovery takes too long

While patients fully recover in a few days from the surgical component of dental implants, the titanium post does require time to bond with the surrounding jaw and gum. Depending on the patient, this can take between 3 to 6 months, but this is not unreasonably long considering how little your day-to-day life is affected. There is typically no discomfort felt during this period.

3. Caring for implants is a hassle

Contrary to popular belief, dental implants in Mclean do not require much upkeep. Just like your other teeth, they need to be brushed and flossed twice a day. But, unlike the rest of your teeth, you don’t have to worry about cavities or tooth decay! Honestly, it doesn’t get easier than that.

4. Implants are not worth the price

Dental implants do have a higher initial cost than other dental procedures, but that’s because they last much longer. Dental bridges, another popular way to replace missing teeth, have a lower cost than dental implants, they only last between 7 to 15 years. This means you’ll have to spend more money eventually, making the cost of dental implants in VA more reasonable in the long run. Dental implants in McLean do not have to be replaced as often, and depending on your dental benefits, might not be as expensive as expected. For patients missing multiple teeth, you can also transform your smile with confidence at McLean Healthy Smiles by learning more about the Discover the transformative benefits of a confident smile with our expert dental services – explore ‘All on 4 dental implants cost‘ and ‘All on 6 dental implants cost‘ options today!

5. Dental implants look fake

The crown portion of dental implants is completely customizable. From color to shape, you can work with your dentist to match your dental implants in Mclean to the rest of your teeth. The end result is implants that look like the rest of your real teeth! People who knew what your smile previously looked like will be able to see a difference, but strangers won’t be able to notice unless you tell them.

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