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Your smile is often the first thing a person will notice about you. It can also say a lot about you, which is why it is important to keep your mouth and teeth safe during riskier activities. And there is perhaps no riskier activity than sports, which is why many people choose to use a mouthguard while playing. Regardless of the activity, a mouthguard is incredibly important for athletes, and many local sports enthusiasts choose to purchase a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA.

If you are an athlete, or the parent of an athlete, considering a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA, here are a few reasons why you may need one.

1. They Can Protect Against Injury

The most obvious and common reason for someone to buy and use a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA is to prevent injury. While our teeth may seem pretty durable, many of the sports we play can knock them loose, make them fall out completely or damage our mouths and jaw in other ways. Giving your mouth some extra protection can be the difference between staying on the field and heading out for emergency dental work. Or having to endure the cost of dental veneers in McLean Virginia after the game.

Luckily, there are plenty of options for anyone looking for a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA, including custom fitted mouthguards. These products can help keep your mouth safe during many activities, but especially in contact sports like football or hockey.

2. They Can Help in the Healing Process

When someone’s jaw or teeth are damaged in an accident, especially a sporting accident, the recovery can be long and delicate. Getting back out on the field, however, usually comes much sooner. That is why many athletes choose to use a mouthguard to help with the healing process. When you have a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA, you can make sure that your mouth is protected from injury while it heals, and get back to playing much sooner.

3. They Can Protect Braces

Every parent knows that dental work and orthodontics for children are expensive. Even something as simple as an emergency repair for braces can be a big expense, which is why many people choose to buy their child a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA. The right dental mouthguard can actually fit over a child’s braces and help keep them safe while they are playing. These mouthguards can help adults with braces, too, with specialized designs that fit over the braces and protect them from potential impacts. When it comes to braces, the best choice is preventative action: have a mouthguard so you won’t have to pay more for repairs.

At McLean Healthy Smiles, we offer a wide range of dental services that can give you a great smile and protect your mouth and teeth from injury, especially if you love to play sports. These activities can come with extra risk, which is why it is important. If you are looking for a dental mouthguard in McLean, VA, come to McLean Healthy Smiles to learn more about how they can help you or a family member stay safe and keep their fantastic smile.

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