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Good oral health is so much more important than just maintaining a beautiful smile. In fact, the condition of teeth and gums affects the whole body, and keeping up with overall health, in return, affects the condition of the teeth and gums. It can work in a circle, one taking care of the other, and good dental care in McLean is there to keep more than your smile healthy.

There are several good reasons why good oral health is connected to good overall health.

Maybe you don’t love going to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings, maybe you have anxiety, or maybe you just can’t see the point. But if the dentist could serve as an early warning sign that you may be at risk for other health issues, like oral cancer, osteoporosis, immune diseases, and even alzheimer’s disease, then the point of maintaining good oral health with dental care in McLean would be clear.

The link between good oral hygiene and overall body health was established long ago.

Doctors and dentists both knew that some of the same causes and risk factors of gum disease and tooth decay are also causes and risk factors for other chronic diseases,. People have always been warned against eating an unhealthy diet, being too sedentary, and excess tobacco and alcohol use, just as people are warned against not keeping up with brushing and flossing and seeing their dentist for regular checkups! Gum disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup cause inflammation and infection where the gum and tooth connect, and the gum pulls away from the tooth. Gum disease also causes a breakdown to the bone, and an excess of bacteria in the mouth. When the bacteria is swallowed, that can lead to further problems than the ones your dental care in McLean will cover.

How can the dentist recognize when something more might be wrong?

Dentists keep records and take notes, so they are aware of changes when they happen. When you see a dentist regularly, they catch problems early and will recommend further visits to the doctor. Dentists also take regular x-rays, so they can spot bone disease, cysts, or tumors when they occur. Some diseases that are very destructive show few symptoms but progress quickly, but our 21st-century x-ray-services in McLean, Virginia, combined with bi-annual checkups will be a big help.

Another way that maintaining good oral habits and keeping up with dental care in McLean can be of benefit is that good habits lead to other good habits. Just the gentle reminder that the dentist is on your side can help to curb bad oral hygiene habits, such as clenching the jaw, biting nails, smoking, or drinking too much coffee. You may not have noticed that these habits have gotten out of hand, or even that they are harmful, but the dentist can keep you informed.

Dental care in McLean is not just about cleaning your teeth and whitening your smile. They also ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and check that your body is healthy, too. They can check for anything unusual that may otherwise not be noticed until it is too late. See your dentist to keep your healthy smile.

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