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When you have chosen a new dentist in McLean, your first visit can be very daunting. To put your mind at ease, the following are essential questions to ask your dentist to ensure you get the best out of your visit.

Does the Dentist Keep Up With Advancing Technology, Procedures and Techniques?

As with every profession, you need to ensure that your dentist in McLean is keeping up with the times. As time goes on, the equipment available to dentists becomes more advanced, from the tools to the materials they use. You’ll want to ask about the filling materials they use, teeth whitening products, what they use for tooth replacements, and other cosmetic dentistry options. Also ask if they do any sort of continuing education to keep up with new techniques, and what training and education the staff is provided with.

What Kind of Sterilization Standards Do They Strive For?

If you are visiting your dentist in McLean, you want to make sure that everything is as clean as possible in the dental office you are visiting, as people are coming and going all day, with equipment being constantly used. You can ask for a tour of their facility, ensuring they have proper sterilization stations with a chemiclave or autoclave; proper labeling for clean and dirty equipment, and proper packaging to keep sterile tools clean.

Patient Specific Treatment Plans

When you are making appointments with your dentist in McLean, you want to make sure that the treatment you are getting is tailored to your needs. The ideal dentist for you will create treatment plans specific to the issues you are having, and not being dictated to the dentist by the insurance companies to ensure you get all you actually need, to fix any dental problems.

Health Status

After your appointment with your dentist in McLean, a good essential question to ask is if there is anything related to your general health status that you need to know. You’ll want to know if they have noticed anything about your oral health that you should inform your general practitioner of. Sometimes issues in one part of the body could be caused by a body-wide issue that your doctor should be treating, so keeping your family doctor up-to-date with your oral health status is important.

Prevention Techniques

You are going to the dentist in McLean because you are interested in keeping your teeth in the best condition they can be, so an essential question you should be asking your dentist is recommended prevention techniques that will make your next visits easier on you. You should ask about brushing techniques, recommended products to you, foods or drinks to avoid, etc.

Treatment Costs

Costs are often a huge concern when it comes to oral health, so an essential question to ask your dentist in McLean is the costs of the services they have available, and what your treatment plan is going to cost. As well, it’s good to know what will be covered by your insurance, and what you will have to pay out of pocket for. Another good question will be if you need to pay out of pocket, what kind of payment options are available?

If you are looking for a dentist in McLean, then contact McLean Healthy Smiles dental office to set up a complimentary consultations so you can ask your essential questions.

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