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If you have recently moved, whether it is to a new city or country, it’s important that you find a new dentist. However, if you fall under the estimated seventy five percent of adults in the United States who are scared of the dentist, this isn’t an easy task. Our oral health plays a critical component towards our overall physical and mental wellbeing, so it’s no wonder that the thought of someone probing around our mouth with sharp tools makes us a little, or extremely nervous. But ignoring the dentist can lead to chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. We’re here to help calm your anxiety and guide you through the process of finding your next dentist in McLean, with these four helpful tips!

1. Customer Service Matters

Regardless of whether or not the thought of going to the dentist in McLean fills your heart with dread, it probably isn’t high up on your list of favorite activities. While the treatment portion of your trip might not be pleasant, a root canal will never be fun, that doesn’t mean the staff can’t be nice. The customer service you receive when booking and waiting for an appointment has a big impact on whether or not a particular dentist is right for you. Choose an office that offers a streamlined process for booking appointments with friendly and responsive staff. Don’t be afraid to interview a potential dentist to learn more about them and their practice.

2. Do They Offer Emergency Services?

Accidents happen and that includes dental emergencies. Choosing a dentist in McLean that offers emergency services is important, especially if you have children and/or seniors in your care. In addition to being a top-rated dentist for seniors near you, we also offer kids dentistry. We make it convenient for families with different dental needs. Having access to extended hour clinics outside of regular office hours ensures dental emergencies can be resolved quickly. Want to avoid serious health ailments and large expenses? Don’t let a dental accident turn into a long-standing oral health problem.

3. You Should Feel Comfortable and Safe

One of the best ways to judge any service in today’s modern world is by reading customer reviews and asking your personal network for recommendations. No one knows a dentist in McLean better than their patients, so why not go directly to the source when you are searching for your perfect match? A dentist should make you feel comfortable and safe while also educating you on the treatment and your oral health. If a particular dentist office has an air of hostility, rudeness, or unprofessionalism, you can be certain that people will be talking about it!

4. Is Everything Clean and Up to Date?

Just like we expect hospitals and doctor’s offices to be clean and modern, the same goes for our dentist’s office. If the waiting area is clean and bright with a fresh stock of magazines and toys, chances are the same can be said for the equipment and service. Over the last century, dentistry has seen quite an advancement in regard to technology and services. A good dentist in McLean will want to stay up to date with the latest practices and gadgets. They will also invest in continuing education so they can expand their knowledge as research uncovers more and more about our oral health.

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